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About us

Who we are and what we do

High Tech Marketing at its best

Developing marketing strategies for giant, multi-billion-dollar companies is usually not a real problem. Having a huge marketing budget at your disposal you just assemble a team of the best and most creative heads you need, get the latest and finest technologies available and ..... WOW !

The challenge begins if you work for start-ups or small & medium sized companies. They don't have huge budgets available, so you have to cope with very limited resources and be very creative to develop concepts which are suited to their budgets as well as their position in the marketplace.

With LES Marketing you get

  • A creative agency with great ideas
  • Sound technical knowledge to understand your products and customer needs
  • Many years of experience in field sales and high-tech marketing.

Our company

LES Marketing is spezialized in supporting high-tech companies in all aspects of sales and marketing. What makes us the ideal partner for our clients is that we understand both technology AND marketing.

Our Mission

We want to help our customers to become the most successful participants in the marketplace by using the full potential of their markets served and creating superior offerings and communications which appeal both to the heart and to the mind.

The Difference

Most people understand either marketing, sales or technology. But in order to be really successful you have to understand all three of them and combine them in a coherent and comprehensive way.

Our Services

We're offering a full range of sales & marketing services for the high-tech industry.

High-Tech Marketing

Companies have to put a lot of thought into their overall marketing strategy. But many smaller companies lack the manpower to develop top-notch marketing strategies. We support our clients in all aspects regarding the development and implementation of integrated and comprehensive marketing strategies.

  • Positioning Strategies
  • Communication Strategies
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Sales Material
  • Neuromarketing

Sales Support

A common misconception among many high-tech entrepeneurs is that their products are so good that they virtually sell themselves. We support our clients to cover the remaining 90% of the market by implementing a systematic sales process and to overcome temporary shortages of sales personnel.

  • Customer Research
  • Customer Aquisition
  • Sales Trainings
  • Sales Process Optimization
  • Customer Elimination

Business Development

Especially for our overseas customers we develop comprehensive strategies for entering the European market or expanding their already existing market share. Furthermore we take over representations in Germany for promising companies who already have technologically challenging and highly competitive products.

  • Identification of new markets
  • Conquering of new countries
  • Business Re-Engineering
  • Building up sales networks
  • Representation of foreign companies

Industry Representations

Competence in Electronics

LES Marketing is proud to be associated with some of the finest companies in the electronics industry.

Fine Line Circuits Ltd.

Fine Line Circuits Ltd. is a Mumbai based supplier of high-quality PCBs, specialized in complex boards in the low and medium volume range. FLCL exports 40% of its products to Germany and 40% to the US. FLCL products are found in many mission critical applications in industrial automation, medical gadgets as well as in the Indian space program.


RUNGE Engineering

RUNGE engineering is a Cologne based electronics development company spezialized in analogue and digital hardware development as well as embedded software development. RUNGE engineering has many years of experience in electronics development and a special focus on scientific engineering as well as building automation and smart home appliances.


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Contact us

Our office in Cologne is conveniently located and easibly accessible from both the airport and the central railway station.

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